Friday, 16 December 2011


Any relationship with anybody is an important part of life. Relationship is formed and maintained mostly from what you get out of it. Any partnership is subtler part of relationship. Marriage relationship is almost the subtlest relationship in life because, it involves a lot of psychological, emotional, physiological, economical, circumstantial, spiritual, magnetic, hereditary, nervous and happy tendencies. Marriage partnership is an utmost important event in one's life with much understanding for a happy family life and for development of family tree with children and prestige. The study of the birth horoscopes for the marriage partners would give sufficient basic clues for a happy partnership or otherwise. A scientific methodology based on compatibility on moon and other aspects is evolved for the matching the horoscopes for marriage partners. In both the horoscopes of marriage partners, moon is studied for compatibility for magnetic control, amenability, psychological dispositions, mental qualities, bodily physical contacts, affection, harmony, progeny, temperament, character, pulse or nervous energy indicating physiological and to certain amount hereditary factors, duration of married life, widowhood etc. The compatibility of the two horoscopes on the basis of the other aspects of malefic planets evil, ascendants, ascendant lords, 7th houses, 7th house lords, venus and mars, ascendant and moon etc is also studied